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Empowered Builders FINAL

Welcome … Your Journey Begins Here


Get Set for Success! We love what we do and we’re here to help you create a life and business you love!
The following steps will help set up your business quickly so you are prepared to launch into maximum success. Remember dōTERRA takes a fraction of the time and cost to run compared to most businesses, and it has the potential to reward you far more than anything else could! These simple steps can easily pay you back hundred times over. If you have questions or need help as you go, be sure to reach out to your mentor whom you want to stay close to as you move forward!


Set up your Loyalty Rewards order for 125pv to process by the 15th of the month. This way you are taking advantage of all the benefits membership has to offer and setting a standard for your team to do the same who follow your lead.

Watch the webinar a Map to Make $2000 a Month which will show you how to get paid by dōTERRA in the fastest, most sure ways. Next, Set up a Business Overview with your mentor so you can discuss your goals and next steps.

Watch LIVING, SHARING, & BUILDING, & BACK OFFICE videos at dōTERRA University.

Ask your mentor to add you to Empowered Builder’s Facebook Group so you can see the upcoming trainings, take part in our current conversations, fun contests & access our stock of photo sharing albums.

Purchase one of each of the following Business Tools at

  1. Class Tear Pads
  2. Membership Overviews
  3. Business Overviews
  4. Fast Track Planner

Set up a Weekly Check In with Your Mentor to set goals and prepare for your Business Launch.

PLAN YOUR BUSINESS LAUNCH! Even though you’re still learning, work with your mentor to schedule your BUSINESS LAUNCH at the earliest possible time. (Typically a launch consists of 2-3 Intro Classes in 7-14 days.) Your mentor will help you with the classes and stay close to you and there are trainings and scripts available to help you. These classes have been designed so that anyone can learn quickly and do them with easy by following the formulas! Be prepared to add to these launch events with one on one meetings for specific people you may want to work with as business builders or those who cannot attend during your class times.