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The Proven Benefits of Lavender Oil:
  • Helps to ease feelings of tension and stress.
  •  Aids a restful sleep by just putting a few drops on your pill before bed.
  •  Soothes occasional skin irritations.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  •  Relieves bodily pains by applying lavender to the area.
  •  Helps alleviate head tension.
  •  Aids digestion.
  •  Have an amazing smell in your home.
  •  Plus many more benefits!
The Benefits of a Wellness Call
  • Learn easily how to use the Lavender essential oil.
  • Know what methods to use suited to your personal needs.
  • Learn how you can help your loved ones with essential oils. 
  • Plus, whatever else you want to ask me or one of our experts!
  • It's completely free with no strings attached!
Watch These Video Testimonials About The Benefits of Essential Oils And How It Changed Their Lives!
Jorja Leavitt
Dawn Bell
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Hi, I'm Heather Madder, founder of, and I work along side my charming husband Dr. David Madder to teach people about the natural healing of essential oils. 

Today, we have a special gift for you- a free bottle of Lavender oil  (just cover shipping- $4.95) plus a FREE personalised wellness call so you can get the full benefit from your order. Most people don't know how to use it and we want to make it super easy for you. Plus you'll actually learn how to use them in a powerful yet simple way depending on your SPECIFIC needs. 

That's why it's advised to hop on the phone with us to set you off on the right foot!

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If you've been struggling with lack of sleep, stress, aches and pains and/or a weak immunity then you need lavender essential oil in your life because it will totally change you and your family's health! Just try the lavender oil today. 

You may wonder why I'm doing a FREE oil and call but I'm doing this because I want to show you how essential oils can work for you and your family- no gimmicks, no chemicals- just mother nature. All I need from you is to help with the $4.95 shipping and handling charges.

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Why Choose doTERRA
Just in case you were wondering! My husband and I choose doTERRA essential oils as they are the purest out there and the most popular by far as many other oils from different companies are packed with preservatives and lack potency. One drop can work wonders so they last a lot longer than any other oils I've ever tried. 
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