What if You Worked Waay Less Hours and
Made Twice as Much Money
Every Single Time You Went to Work?

       So many business owners in 2021 want to make it happen. They see successful people all around them but there's a huge problem --
they have zero business strategy. 

that drives you straight to double (or triple) 
your income, end busy work, eliminate 
distractions, stop procrastination, organize your life and set yourself free from the crazy

 .... for good! 

You’re spending too much time at work.

You’re overwhelmed. You’re always so busy, but never making the money you planned.  

I know it feels like you’re never going to get there.  The to-do list is so long.  So many people need you. There just isn’t time to get it all done. You’re letting down people you love, not to mention you’re not taking care of yourself. You see workout routines online and think ‘yeah right’ if I only had the time. 

Then there’s that nagging feeling day after day… you’re a failure. 
And you're never going to make it.

INTRODUCING (Insert image)

  • You knew exactly what to do every Single Time you Sit down to Work. 
  • Everyday was payday.  You made money every single time. 
  • you were always at peak energy Every time you went to work
  • you had a fail-proof system to help you get organized and stay that way. 
  • You had support and everyone in your life felt well taken care of by you.
  • you kindly removed all people draining you while not looking like the "bad guy"
  • You Didn't avoid work, but jumped right in every day, energized and ready to go!
  • You stopped wasting time. Completely. forever.
Here’s how most dreams go…
First, you get all excited and you’re ready to go for it... 
You FINALLY know you what you want to do! You text your friend, tell your spouse, declare your intentions. Maybe you  even write yourself an inspirational note on the wall, because you can feel it. It’s your time. 

A few days pass and you’re still feeling good, but in the back of your mind, you have questions: Can I really do this? I  probably shouldn’t have told so many people. Maybe I should push this back a few months? 

But you gather your confidence, say another prayer and keep at it.

Days pass, and you make progress, but you don’t seem to have enough time. You want it, like a lot, but there never seems  to be enough time in the day. You have events for the kids, dinners to make and groceries to buy.
When you're finally ready to get to work... 
You can’t find the charge cord, you don't feel like moving and sometimes you don't know what to do first.  You never seem to get  around to the difficult tasks. You decide to send a quick message, and end up lost on social media. It seems like it takes a good hour to even get started.

But you say to yourself, “I’m still going to do this.” You push the deadline back a little longer, and keep going.

Sometimes you make progress. You get a new customer, you get a chapter or two written, or your blog goes live. You  think of how much it took to get just that much accomplished and you don’t know if you can do that day after day. 
You worry about the balance.
Am I working too much? Does my family have enough time? Should I just throw in the towel?
You have other commitments and a lot of things that pull you in different directions. You want to be there for everyone,  plus accomplish your goals, but how? When you’re with the kids, you feel behind on your business. If you work early in the morning, you miss your self-care routine. 

How do people do this? Are they just bad parents and covering it? You don’t know how to achieve work and family balance and think other people must have this figured out, but it’s still a big mystery to you. 
You get knocked down, and need to get back up.
You keep plugging away, but your high energy seems to tumble on bad days. You get a complaint. You have an event and  no one shows. You get criticized by your sister-in-law. The people around you seem to be getting there, but you missed  your self-appointed deadline. Somedays, you feel low, tired, and craving sugar. 

You’re a believer, but sometimes you question your inspiration. Maybe this isn’t actually the business for me? Maybe I  wasn’t hearing from the heavens, and it was my imagination? You keep talking the talk and “trying” but deep inside, you 
just don’t feel it now. 
If you’ve felt this way, you’re not alone. Most businesses fail in the first five years and most people don't achieve their goals & go to the grave with dreams that never came to life. 

But ... It can all change for you!
it’s not that our goals are too HIGH
it’s that our energy, commitment and discipline
has been too low to achieve them.
Hi there, I'm Heather Madder! Now, you might be wondering, who I am to be teaching this I’m a mom of four who didn’t finish college.
I spent a decade dreaming of doing something meaningful in the world  and eight years ago I started with a few good ideas and a commitment to figure it out and today I run a multi-million  dollar sales team ranked among the top of my company and I’ve coached all kinds of business owners in success strategies.

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe and I’ve made it a matter of career study to map out WHY SOME PEOPLE MAKE IT --  and other’s don’t.

I believe I have some answers.
here’s what you need to succeed
 You need A SOLID PLAN that Outlines the Exact Steps to Get What You Want
I’ll help you create a BIG GOAL 60 SUCCESS PLAY to make sure work
put in lands you at the finish line!

If you’re creating an online sales system, you need the perfect tools for the job!
If you want to hit the next rank, do you have every top method available to you?
Are you eating the right foods for your physical aspirations?
I will help you check every box to make sure that each move, is the right move!
You need to know what to accomplish every week,
and make sure pitfalls and failure traps are extra fortified before you begin!
 You need a High Production Plan in place to help you get  right to work, be ultra focused,  have the tools
ready and protect your time and space!
If you have a 60 minutes for work, you need to drive at full speed for ALL 60 minutes (not 55!)

Huge accomplishments are often achieved in small windows of time.
In the course, you’ll create a HIGH PRODUCTION PLAN
You’ll have all the right tools on hand and protected time and space
so you can stay ultra-focused.
When step into you get to work -- you’re rise to 100mph in seconds
 Daily Energy Boosting to release negativity & roadblocks and infuse you with GOOD
VIBES and radical positivity.
The energy world is becoming an everyday understanding as people finally get how
negative subconscious beliefs, family history patterns, and past failures live as silent inhibitors
that suffocate success from the inside out.

With 8 years of practice and Simply Healed Energy Methods, in the course we will
balance and clear your energy systems each day in the program,
even when you’re not in class!

You’ll also create a personalized HIGH ENERGY PLAN where you’ll know how to remedy the
current energy drains in your world and implement simple solutions to stay in a sunny,
high vibe place EVERY DAY!

If you Feel great -- you get GREAT RESULTS.
Feel low, get low results
We’re going to help you work hard and FEEL GOOD, at the same time! 
  Family & Personal Care Systems 
You’re a multi-faceted human being. You have important relationships you need to keep strong.  You want to stay aligned with your spiritual truths and keep keep your mind and body healthy,  so don't break down. 

People who achieve goals with peace rather than stress,
perform better for months and years to come.

You’ll create your own personalized DAILY WELLNESS PLAN -- these are great things
like yoga, exercise and healthy eating. This is no time to stop life enhancing practices
and in our program, we’ll make sure to spend a few minutes on your health and happiness
while we help you race towards the finish line :)

BONUS: If you’re a parent and your home life seems to be a little chaotic,
we’ll be covering that too with some of our top mom hacks
because if you’re family is in chaos, a personal gain won’t really feel like true a win!

Not to mention you’ll have access to an active Facebook group where you can exchange
ideas (cry for a minute if you need it!) and swap best practices! 
  Support Systems & Structure
Big goals can leave even the most confident souls feeling vulnerable.
 Often the mind races with questions: Am I good enough? What if people see me fail?
Is the end result worth the risk? Fears flare, memories of past failures surge, and
critiques and criticism can be exceedingly painful.

The creative process must be protected! Creators thrive best in an 
environment of love,  support, positivity. 

I know the creative process well and I formed this program to cushion you from every angle.
You’ll have motivational images for your print or download and keep on your phone or office
You’ll have creation meditations to can listen to each morning and built in cheerleaders in the
program who are looking for and pointing out the best. 
In addition, you’ll create a Personal Support Plan
You’ll call forth your “crew” -- your go to people for problem solving & belief & power.
You’ll identify your nay-sayers and how to handle them right up front.
We’ll cover the failure points how to protect yourself right from the start.

Also, what help can you afford to hire? What tasks can you delegate so you have more time and  how to say a graceful no, to the things that aren’t really yours to do anymore.
This is the first time I’ve combined BUSINESS STRATEGY,

You have different aspects of your life.
This is a program -- that covers them ALL. 
All NEW and Updated Content!
(VALUE $997)
Here's What You'll Get
30-60 Day BIG Success Plan 
High Production Plan
Personal Support Plan
Failure Protection Plan
Daily High Energy Plan
Daily Wellness Plan
Top 200 Life, Self, Business & Money Affirmations
20 Motivational High Energy Images
Live, Inter-Active Facebook Group
Accountability Partner
 (in the program!)
30 Days of Energy Boost Coaching 
You get a mini-energy boosts in the program through the FB group,
even when you’re not in class!
Raise the energy of your
business, release negativity,
unclear blocks and stay positive, grounded and
 clear minded! 

(A single session with me is usually $350!)
All classes recorded and ready for you :)

Eliminate Failure, Clear Negative Energy Patterns, & Schedule Goals You Achieve 100% of the Time


The Support Structure & Biz Systems You Must Have for Highest Results that Repeat Every Month


How to Get More Done in Less Time -- Top Practices of Ultra-Focused and Always on Target Achievers


Achieve Life Balance -- End Burnout & Keep Personal & Family Life Solid while you Achieve Your Highest Goals

How to Turn Your Passion into a 6 Figure Business Full Course
8 Modules
15 PDF Guides
  • Top Do's & Don'ts of 6 Figure Business Owners
  • Simple Systems to Help Family & Personal Life Run Smoothly
  • Positive Beliefs to Integrate Immediately (or risk failure)
  • Simple Tools to Address Blocks, Fears & Limitations
MODULE #2: Marketing that Draws Ideal Clients & Customers
  • Create Core Marketing Pieces like Logs, Biz Cards, Blog Headers, etc
  • How to Speak to Your Clients so they Want What You Have
  • Ideal Client Hang Outs & How to Find Your People!
  • Marketing Materials Checklist for Every Stage of Business Growth
MODULE #3: What to Sell to Get to 6 Figures & How to Sell It
  • Top 4 Things to Sell & the Pro's, Cons & Price Points of Each
  • Create Your Own Customized 6 Figures Sales Path
  • How to Turn Your Expertise into a Lucrative & Booming Coaching Business
  • How to Know When to Raise Your Prices
  • A Simple 4 Step Process to Selling so it's Easy, Comfortable & Successful
MODULE #4: How to Create a Website that Really Works
  • Ten Checkpoints of a Website that Makes You Money
  • Case Studies of Websites that Work and Those that Don't
  • How to Get a Professional Looking Website at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Expensive Mistakes & Pitfalls Most Businesses Make Online
MODULE #5: How to Use Lead Pages & Free Offers to Increase Sales
  • How a $25 Dollar Lead Page Can Make You Money While You Sleep
  • Cheat Sheet with 21 Free Offer (or lead magnet) Ideas
  • 55 Free Offer Cross Industry Titles that Truly Attract Clients
  • How to Use Your Free Offer to Grow Contact List & Sell Services
MODULE #6: Email Marketing that Gets People Ready to Buy!
  • How to Get Higher Open Rates
  • Easy to Follow Templates for Auto-Responder (that get read!)
  • Top Templates for Must-Have Emails
  • How to Find the Right Email Service for Your Business
  • 7 Tips on Writing Subject Lines
MODULE #7: How to Create a Beautiful Brand for Your Business!
  • How to Get Branding that Looks & Feels Exactly Like the Real You
  • What Makes a Brand Stand Out the Most & What Yours MUST Have to Make It!
  • Top Branding Mistakes that Most Business Owners Don't Know
  • Create Your Own Brand Board in a Day (usually costs hundreds or thousands)
  • How to Get a Gorgeous Logo that Your Business Can Use for Years to Come
MODULE #8: How to Get Gorgeous Graphic Design!
  • Where to Find the Best Designers for Your Budget & How to Hire Them
  • Three Things You Absolutely Must Avoid with Graphic Designers
  • Time and Money Saving Tips on the Graphic Design Process
  • When to Hire, When Not to Hire and What to Watch Out for When Hiring
Belief Breakthrough
Full Course

21 Instant Download Audios
15 PDF Guides
VALUE $497
This Course Will Help You...
Clear False Beliefs & Limitations 
Finally Feel Like You're Worth It!
Give Yourself the Best Life You Deserve
Clear Negative Family History Patterns
Solve Problems & Make Challenging Decisions
Reprogram False Beliefs from Past Traumas
Heal in the Present Time
Take Control of Your Own Life
Address Limitations Keeping You Stuck
Be Firm in Confidence & Solve Fear Head On
Raise Your Energy & Creation Capacity
Be Firm in Your Commitments
That’s 3 Courses from Me ... for ONE Price!
SOUL SUCCESS: Achieve Your Biggest Goals in 60 Days (Value $997)
 BONUS 1: Turn Your Passion into a 6 Figure Business (Value $997)
 BONUS 2: Belief Breakthrough - Create a Life You Love (Value $497)
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